My 12 Favorite oils and how to use them
"I was going more toxin free, but my kids were sick all the time.  I wanted some Thieves in my life and FOR THE LOVE for my kids to stop staying home from school!  Mission Accomplished. #stayinschoolkids 😂."
- Kelli J.
"Postpartum was a struggle.  I had a placebo attitude towards essential oils, but thankfully... since buying the kit I'm astonished at how it's helped my entire household sleep / fight off sickness / support emotions (even toddler temper tantrums!) and it's replaced all the harsh chemicals in our home. I'm beyond grateful."
- Kacie H.
"I bought my Premium Starter Kit because I wanted things that smelled good that weren't perfume-y. Boy was I naive about how much more these oils were good for."
- Ashley H.
Frequently asked questions
do I have to buy anything after the kit? 
No.  Not at all.  

Most people find they do want to try other essential oils, or another healthy living product from the same company.  But there is zero obligation to buy.  

If you do want to keep your wholesale membership (24%) discount, you need to purchase $50 worth of wellness products within a year (super easy to do).  That's it!
are there monthly requirements?

Many members DO find that they like our oils and other wellness products (like makeup and skincare and supplements) and want to get routine shipments.  In that case, we have an INCREDIBLE rewards program where you can customize monthly boxes that ship to your door. and save money.   
But again - it's totally optional. 
Do I have to sell anything?
Never ever.  This can be our little secret.  

Or, if you use the products and you love them and want to tell some friends about them, you can earn a thank you check.  
If you want to be more serious about it and build a side income you can do that also.  I'm a great business mentor.  

BUT all of that is optional and you'll never be pressured to do it.
Disclaimer - This presentation is entirely free and is not to diagnose or treat any medical issue or symptoms - All Rights Reserved 
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